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IPWEA-QNT are pleased to bring you a series of free informative webinar presentations on a range on our products and resources.  We will also provide an oversight into our technical publications that we currently have for sale.


These webinars are free to attend, you simply need to register and you will be sent the link a few days prior.  Each webinars date is listed below.

iMPACT - Native Title Assessment Portal.

IPWEA-QNT developed a process for dealing with native title and Aboriginal/Torres Straight Islander cultural heritage obligations in direct response to council need. This is a rapidly growing and ever-changing area of local government concern. The High Court of Australia handed down its findings in the first ever successful native title compensation case in March 2019, ordering the Northen Territory government to pay 2.5 million dollars in compensation for acts undertaking that impinged upon and affected the native title rights of Traditional Owners in one regional council within the NT jurisdiction. To avoid making the same errors, local governments in Queensland need to be aware of their obligations in meeting the legislation

Lower Order Roads Design Guide (LORDG)

The Lower Order Road Design Guidelines (LORDG) specify minimum standards for the design and construction of lower order road assets and provide practitioners with a risk-based approach to capital improvements. As the lower order road network accounts for over 70% local and state-controlled networks throughout Queensland, this approach allows stakeholders to maximise the return on funds invested.

Asset Design As Constructed (ADAC).

ADAC is a data specification platform which enables the efficient capture and storage of civil infrastructure asset data. It is open source and adopted widely by councils and utilities across Australia. It offers a way to automate the transfer of local government asset data from the field into council corporate systems, ensuring the asset management databases, GIS and finance registers are populated with data of integrity.

CAD Standards

The new IPWEA-QNT CAD Standards are a set of Guidelines and drafing standards designed by Councils for Councils covering a variety of topics includings title blocks, fonts, linetypes/weigths, plot files, etc. 

RPEQ Assessment

Public works engineers occupy positions of trust and responsibility within the community, working with matters of public safety and public monies across local government and within private sector industry. With that trust comes great responsibility which has led to a framework in which all professional engineering services conducted in Queensland (and progressively within more Australian jurisdictions) must be undertaken by a registered professional. IPWEA-QNT, as an RPEQ assessment entity for the Board of Professional Engineers Qld is committed to upholding the highest professional standards for civil engineering through our assessment scheme.

QLD Urban Drainage Manual (QUDM)

The Queensland Urban Drainage Manual (QUDM) is an engineering guideline that addresses the technical, legal, regulatory and environmental aspects of effective drainage systems. It provides details of appropriate design methods and computational procedures and covers both hydrologic and hydraulic procedures.

Knowledge Centre

In the information age it is incumbent upon all professional organisations to take control and responsibility for their own information resources and to make that information easily available to end users and practitioners. IPWEA-QNT’s Knowledge Centre achieved global recognition with inclusion in the Library Publishing Director, published by the Library Publishing Coalition in Atlanta, Georgia which details the publishing records of academic and specialist libraries across the world. The Directory awarded the Knowledge Centre 4 on a scale of 1-5 for its ‘stage of publishing efforts’ after just two years following its launch. The Knowledge Centre is fully searchable by subject, key words, speaker/author, event, type, or by date. It includes technical and other engineering information in multiple formats including audio visual recordings, articles, reports, case studies, and recent media relevant to the public works sector for practitioners.

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