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Supervisor's Handbook

Supervisor's Handbook for the Construction and
Maintenance of Infrastructure

Supervisors Handbook (PDF)

Member (single user)

 $100  + GST

Non-member (single user)

 $400 + GST

Institutions/universities/corporates/councils (multi-user) 

 $600 + GST

The handbooks is currently under review.

The Supervisor's Handbook offers guidance to supervisors and works staff in preparing, organising, managing, undertaking and completing works projects. It includes methodologies with reference to legislation and regulations applicable for each task.


New sections have been added on cultural heritage, the California Bearing Ratio, nuclear gauges, bitumen sealing, asphalt and geotextile reinforced seals.

A multi-user licence allows for the upload and storage of the Supervisor's Handbook on a password protected intranet only accessible to employees, students or others engaged by the purchaser from time to time. The Supervisor's Handbook may be downloaded or printed by those able to access the intranet.

A single-user licence provides for the download of the publication to a single computer/device (in the same way a single-user software licence may only be installed on one computer) however the publication may be downloaded onto a computer and a mobile device so long as it is only accessible by that sole individual who has purchased the publication.

IPWEA-QNT Supervisor Handbook

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