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Our purpose is to enhance the quality of life for all Queensland and Northern Territory communities by advancing the skills, knowledge and resources available to those involved in the planning and provision of public works and services.

Our History

A meeting, chaired by Geoff Wilmoth was held in Rockhampton 7 October 1970 proposing the formation of a Queensland local government engineer’s association. The inaugural meeting of the Local Government Engineers’ Association of Queensland (LGEAQ) was held at Southport, 2 October 1972, attended by approximately 50 engineers from various local authorities. TJ (Jim) Abbiss was elected as our founding President.


The name of the association was changed in 1999 to the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia, Queensland then again in 2015 to the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia, Queensland. In January 2020, the Institute became a Company Limited by Guarantee. As a registered charity, we are able to remove ‘Ltd’ from our name.

Registered Charity

IPWEA-QNT became a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) 1 July 2015.

Our Value Propositions

  • Our technical publications and products are widely adopted and are leading edge.

  • We uphold professional standards as an RPEQ (Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland) assessor.

  • Our conferences are must-attend events.

  • An IPWEA-QNT Excellence Award is highly sought after.

  • Our members enjoy a strong sense of community through our proactive branch network.

  • Our globally recognised Knowledge Centre is an essential resource for anyone involved in public works in Queensland.

  • Our quarterly e-journal is valued for its technical and industry-relevant content.

  • Our comprehensive professional development program is innovative and exceeds the needs of members and industry.

  • Our water directorate (qldwater) strengthens the urban water and sewerage industry to maintain and improve the safety, health, well-being and sustainability of Queensland communities.

  • IPWEA-QNT influences government and industry.

Our Goals

  • Provide for the personal and professional development of those involved in the delivery of public works and services in Queensland through education, training and leading-edge resources.

  • Ensure those responsible for the delivery of public works and services for communities across Queensland and the Northern Territory observe and respect the natural environment and work to enhance it for the benefit of future generations.

  • Ensure projects and infrastructure delivered to communities across Queensland and the Northern Territory incorporate best practices to guarantee the health and safety of our citizens.

  • Develop and exchange ideas, information and technology in the science and practice of all aspects of public works and share with other industry associations to further benefit society as a whole.

  • Encourage and recognise excellence in the delivery of public works and services.

  • Advance the knowledge and understanding of the public works sector within the community.

  • Provide education tools and resources to enable public works practitioners to observe and respect native title and cultural heritage requirements.

  • Promote IPWEA-QNT as the principal source of credible, authoritative advice and information on all public works and services matters in Queensland.

Our Strategic Plan

We plan to Inform, Connect, Represent and Lead

  1. Actively share content and information which informs all relevant stakeholders.

  2. Facilitate the bringing together of people and ideas.

  3. Elevate the collective views, expertise, and professionalism of the sector.

  4. Advance the capability, capacity, and sustainability of the sector.

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