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IPWEA-QNT is the peak body representing those working in the public works sector

​Membership is open to anyone actively involved in the delivery of public works and engineering services in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

As an IPWEA-QNT member you have access to networks, resources, support and professional development opportunities to grow and advance in your career.

Membership Type

A new member can only apply to join in three categories: Member, Graduate or Student.

All other categories are by invitation or have another category as a pre-requisite.


$429 incl GST

Member – anyone actively engaged in the delivery of public works and services in Queensland or the Northern Territory. Note that this does not exclude someone from NSW or any other state from joining if they are active in our sector.


$308 incl GST

Graduate – a student who has recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering.

This category of membership is discounted to assist recent graduates for up to five years

post-graduation. The category is not age-related and includes mature age students.



Student - Complimentary student rates are for persons not in full-time employment and enrolled in full-time studies in civil engineering or related disciplines for the duration of their studies.

Student ID &/or Transcript are to be supplied and valid.


$88 incl GST

Retired - members who are permanently retired on a full-time basis 


A Member who has provided outstanding service and contributions in the sector at a senior management level as an engineer.

A Fellow must have attained the age of 30 and been a Member of IPWEA-QNT (or another IPWEA Division) for at least five years. The applicant must have been actively involved with the Institute in any of the following capacities: Board member, Branch Committee member, Working Groups or involvement with IPWEA-QNT’s Professional Development programs.

Honorary Member

Honorary members have given outstanding service to the public works sector and/or particular assistance to the Institute. An Honorary Member may be elected for a specific period of time during which the recipient holds a particular position.

There is no subscription for an Honorary member.

Life Member

A member who has contributed to the success of IPWEA-QNT for at least 25 years’ and who has since retired.

There is no subscription for a Life member.


The highest category of membership awarded by IPWEA on the recommendation of IPWEA-QNT. A Fellow who has served the community for at least twenty years and made a major contribution to the Institute for at least 10 years. The member’s contributions to both the community and IPWEA-QNT must have been outstanding in character and recognised as such by the membership and the community.

There is no subscription for an Emeritus member.

If you would like more information about becoming a member email:

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