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Fellow Membership

Fellows are recognised as strong contributors to the success of IPWEA-QNT and leaders in our sector with the highest standards of technical and professional excellence.

Who can apply?
Anyone who has been an IPWEA-QNT Member for a minimum five years continuous membership including Members who have transferred from another IPWEA Division. 

Please apply via the online application and have all supporting documents available to submit at that time.


Criteria for Fellowship

  • Membership

  • Minimum five years as a Member of IPWEA-QNT (including other IPWEA Divisions)

  • Involvement with IPWEA-QNT

  • Actively involved in the activities of IPWEA-QNT eg on Working Groups, Branch committees, the Board, as an Ambassador, as a volunteer on any of our community programs and contributions to IPWEA-QNT's Professional Development program.

  • Service to the Sector

  • Contributions to the advancement of the knowledge and skills required for a particular discipline.

  • Experience

  • Active involvement in the delivery of outstanding outcomes for Queensland communities for minimum 15 years.


  • Allan Hull

  • Andrew Johnson

  • Andrew Llewellyn

  • Andrew Ryan

  • Angela Fry

  • Anthony Brockhurst

  • Anthony Lipsys

  • Blue Gwydir

  • Bryan Payne

  • Cameron Ives

  • Colin Sandford

  • Craig Murrell

  • Craig Young

  • Damien McMahon

  • Darren Shepherd

  • ​Frank Nastasi

  • Gerard Read

  • Gerhard Joubert

  • Glenn Alexander

  • Graham Anderson

  • Grayden Curry

  • Greg Kennedy

  • Gregory Penhaligon

  • Hannah Connors

  • Hari Boppudi

  • Jeffrey Bunt

  • Les Edmistone

  • Lorna Oliver

  • Mark de Hayr

  • Mark Windress

  • Martin Crow

  • Michael Pickering

  • Mike Brady

  • Neil Allen

  • Neville Ward

  • Phil Bambrick

  • Raad Jarjees

  • Raj Jadhav

  • Rodney Betts

  • Rohan Geddes

  • Ross Guppy

  • Russell Hood

  • Sandra Burke

  • Silvio Trinca

  • Stephen Hegedus

  • Trevor Williams

  • Warren Traves

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