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Information for Land Developers

Would you like to present a design or an 'as con' to a government department or other organisation?


Step 1. Visit the Council or other organizations' ADAC page. Most councils will have a dedicated ADAC page that provides the appropriate capture guidelines and information about what is to be captured. 


Step 2. Generate an ADAC XML compliant file. Should you require assistance contact IPWEA-QNT and we will match you with a recognised Software Vendor or an ADAC Implementation Partner.

Please be aware that the SEQ water service providers have developed a common standard for the submission of design and as-constructed information. The required information can be found at:, which details their requirements for submitting an ADAC XML file.


The combination of Standard Drawings, AIS and Civil IPAM list are required to be used to achieve a valid ADAC submission. Standard drawings and AIS links are found under the Standards menu and the Civil IPAM (Infrastructure Products and Materials) list is found under the Products menu.

For ADAC enquiries please contact Mark Lamont, Director, Information Services on 07 3632 6811 or 0413396989

Please note:

  • The current version of ADAC is 5.01

  • Understand the organisation's Capture Guidelines. This may have been provided to you with the contract.

  • Some organisations may supply a template for smaller and 'one-off' jobs.

  • For any Designs or as-cons you will need to translate to ADAC XML by use of 3rd party software or delivery partners.

  • Technical Materials and Guideline Documents can be accessed at the links below. 

Mind Maps

Use our interactive Mind Maps for an easy snapshot of the specification classes and features. It's a great way to begin your gap analysis against your current asset features.


Please note that you will need Java version 1.4 or later and Freemind Browser. Download the latest version of Freemind Browser from the sourceforge website. Install the software and open the file in it.

ADAC V4.2.0 Final Mind Map

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