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Emeritus Members

This award is the highest that can be bestowed on any member. An Emeritus member has served Queensland communities for at least twenty years and made a major contribution to the Institute for a minimum of ten years. Their service and contributions are outstanding in character and recognised by the membership and community generally.

Honorary Members

Honorary members have given outstanding service to the public works sector and/or particular assistance to the Institute. An Honorary Member may be elected for a specific period of time during which the recipient holds a particular position.

Life Members

A Fellow who has contributed to the success of IPWEA-QNT over a significant period of time i.e., at least 25 years and who has since retired from the workforce (but may still be in service in an elected capacity).

Gerard Franzman                     Anthony Jacobs                   Chris Lawson​

Fellow Members

Criteria for Fellowship

  • Membership

  • Minimum five years as a Member of IPWEA-QNT (including other IPWEA Divisions)

  • Involvement with IPWEA-QNT

  • Actively involved in the activities of IPWEA-QNT eg on Working Groups, Branch committees, the Board, as an Ambassador, as a volunteer on any of our community programs and contributions to IPWEA-QNT's Professional Development program.

  • Service to the Sector

  • Contributions to the advancement of the knowledge and skills required for a particular discipline.

  • Experience

  • Active involvement in the delivery of outstanding outcomes for Queensland communities for minimum 15 years.


Glenn Alexander
Neil Allen
Graham Anderson
Lloyd Arnott
Phil Bambrick
Joe Bannan
Rodney Betts
Ian Bilkey
Michael Borg
Mike Brady
Patrick Brady
Anthony Brockhurst
Peter Buchanan
Sandra Burke
Jeffrey Bunt
Luccio Cercarelli
Allen Christensen
Peter Clark
Graham Cook
Martin Crow
Grayden Curry
William Cuthbertson

James D'Arcy 
Mark de Hayr 
Jason Devitt
Stuart Doak
Les Edmistone
Michael Egan
David Elliott
Murray Erbs
Sean Fallis 
Neil Fitzgerald
Patrick Flanagan
Jose Foruria
Angela Fry
Rohan Geddes
Andrew Gibbs
David Goodman
Ross Guppy
John Gwydir
Trevor Harvey
Christopher Hegarty
Stephen Hegedus
Ray Hicks
Russell Hood

Aneurin Hughes 
Peter Hughes
Allan Hull
Cameron Ives
Raad Jarjees
Peter Jensen
Andrew Johnson
Leslie Johnstone
Gerhard Joubert
Michael Kahler
Greg Kennedy
Glenda Kirk
Roderick Lehmann
Anthony Lipsys
Andrew Llewellyn
Tony McDonald
Philip McKone
Damien McMahon
Ross McPherson
Craig Murrell
Lorna Oliver
Warren Paulger
Bryan Payne

Gregory Penhaligon
Michael Pickering
Ron Piper 
Scott Pomerenke
Gerard Read
Sean Rice
Andrew Ryan
Colin Sandford
Darren Shepherd
John Tannock
Graham Thomsen
Warren Traves
Silvio Trinca
Neville Ward
Chris Whitaker
Trevor Williams
Mark Windress
David Wiskar
Ian Woodyard
Ian Wright
Craig Young
Moira Zeilinga
Peter Zemek  |  07 3632 6800

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