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We are delighted to launch a six-book series, Adventures in Engineering for children in Years 4, 5 and 6.

The stories showcase real life civil engineers delivering real-life projects for our communities. The aim of the series is to inspire future generations of public works engineers.

Available as e-books and in paperback, individually or in a set, the Adventures in Engineering series links to the Australian Curriculum for maths, science, design and technology, English, geography, civics and citizenship.

Our thanks to our public works engineers for sharing their stories and contributing to the storybooks.


Single storybook  $6+ GST

Set of six storybooks $30+ GST

Add Postage  $8+ GST

  • When the Dam Runs Dry tells the story of Seren McKenzie and how she brought  water to the drought-stricken southern downs region when the Storm King Dam ran dry. 

  • Monishaa Prasad’s commitment to designing flood mitigation solutions for Rockhampton Regional Council is featured in Fighting Floodwaters.

  • Using crushed recycled glass in concrete is another innovative engineering solution highlighted by Josh Flanders in Walking on Crushed Glass. 

  • Clarissa Campbell features in If Only Animals Could Talk – a story about engineering ingenuity ensuring the safety of the stormwater network while offering a creative solution to protect local fauna.

  • The construction of the City of Gold Coast’s Palm Beach artificial reef features in Zoe Elliott-Perkins story, Engineering a Reef.

  • Tom, our only fictional engineer tells the story of the relocation of the town of Grantham following the 2010-2011 floods in Moving A Town.

If you have a story and project for more books in the Adventures in Engineering series, please contact us.

Our thanks again to the National Careers Institute for funding this project!


  • Content may not be amended without the prior consent of the publisher.

  • All materials are free for use in Australian schools.

  • The material may not be used for commercial purposes.

  • Ebooks may be freely shared.

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