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Temporary Traffic Management

Temporary Traffic Management Toolkit 

Temporary Traffic Management Toolkit

$900 +GST

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Watch this video for an explenation of the toolkit and its benefits 

IPWEA-QNT has developed the Temporary Traffic Management Toolkit to support the planning and design of safe, cost effective and efficient temporary traffic management solutions for low volume Category 1 roads. The Toolkit responds to concerns raised by councils that the adoption of the mandatory Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management (AGTTM) would place an undue burden on work activities related to roads with traffic volumes of less than 1,000 vehicles per day.

The Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) Toolkit will assist Traffic Management Designers (TMD) prepare Traffic Management Plans (TMP) and associated Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS) for low volume roads (up to 250 vehicles per day). A TMP is required for every project to address the identified risks. The length and complexity of the TMP is proportionate to the level of risk associated with the works. (AGTTM Part 2, Section 2.2)

The TTM Toolkit includes:

  • Traffic Management Plan (reference document)

  • Project Planning Tool

  • Standard forms

  • TGS Selection Tool

  • 115 TGSs

The objectives of the TMP are:

  1. outline how the works are integrated into the operation of the road network, providing for the safety of workers and road users while maintaining the service provided by the road network.

  2. provide the road infrastructure manager with confidence that all relevant issues have been identified and considered approaches to each issue have been developed.

  3. ensure the safety of all road users including both vulnerable road users, and workers on roads, who require protection from traffic.

  4. manage possible adverse impacts on traffic flows and ensure network performance is maintained at an acceptable level.

  5. assess and minimise the impact on users of the road reserve and adjacent properties, businesses and facilities.

  6. identify and consider all foreseeable risks and stipulate mitigation measures.

  7. provide innovative treatments where possible.

Media Release

New tool launched to protect QLD motorists and road workers this Christmas

8 December 2021

With easing border restrictions set to put more motorists on Queensland roads this month, a new tool has been launched to help protect the lives of roadworkers and users.

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