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Public Works Technical Subscription


Half Year Subscription 2023/24

Valid 1st Dec 2023 - 30 June 2024

$4,500 + GST

Total minimum value $7,150 + GST

The Public Works Technical Subscription offers councils, utilities and business a range of technical engineering solutions and assessment tools, 10% discount on training for all employees and complimentary registration for selected IPWEA-QNT events throughout the year.

Queries regarding the IPWEA-QNT

Public Works Technical Subscription  |  07 3632 6800

Professional Development Courses

10% discount on all our Professional Development Courses for all employees

value: unlimited


Gain valuable CPD Hours!

Complimentary registrations for two employees to attend their 2024 local/regional Branch Conference

valued at $1,800


Native Title and Cultural Heritage Online Assessments Portal 

10% discount on iMPACT Portal

valued at $150 - $300

One complimentary project assessment

valued at $1,000

Asset Design As Constructed


10% discount on Asset Design As Constructed (ADAC) consortium subscription

valued at $500 - $800

Recruitment Support

Advertise job vacancies in Connect, our monthly news service.

Technical Solutions

NEW Dec 2023 Standard Drawings

Developed by industry for industry including Drawings for Homeowner, Drainage, Roads, Parks, Active Transport, Fences, Barriers & Furniture.

valued at $950

Temporary Traffic Management Toolkit 

Enabling compliance with mandatory Austroad guidelines 

To support the planning and design of safe, cost effective and efficient temporary traffic management solutions for low volume Category 1 roads.

valued at $900

Queensland Urban Drainage Manual

Assists engineers and stormwater designers in the planning, design and management of urban stormwater drainage systems.

valued at $700

Lower Order Road Design Guidelines

Specify minimum standards for the design and construction of lower order road assets and provide practitioners with a risk-based approach to capital improvements.

valued at $400

Supervisor's Handbook

Supervisor's Handbook for the Construction and Maintenance of Infrastructure.


valued at $600

Street Design Manual

Recognises that streets as an important connector to multi-purpose social spaces in our neighbourhoods. It offers access options for active transport delivering safer neighbourhoods and a sense of community.

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