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Demystifying Extended Design Domain Applications

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There are situations where the application of higher order road design principals become impractical or even unachievable due to a combination of constraints.

Austroads has provided guiding principles for designers and engineers to enable them to investigate a safe alternative for situations that do not fully fit within the normal design domain guidelines. Extended Design Domain (EDD) offers a robust process with reasonable capability still afforded to the travelling public.



Trying to understand how EDD should be applied can be a daunting task.

This program offers a solid base for understanding issues such as:

  • In what situations should EDD be applied

  • How and why are design parameters chosen

(eg Object Height, Stopping Sight Distance)

  • Do other factors need to be considered

  • How do combinations of parameters combine

  • Are there any ‘show stoppers’ that may preclude the use of EDD

  • What are the requirements for documentation and legal implications

  • How is this maze of calculations navigated and what do they all mean

Who should attend?

This program has been designed for those involved in the planning and design of roads infrastructure, particularly restoration works and brownfield projects. Attendees are expected to have an in-depth knowledge and practical experience in road design principles.

This workshop is primarily aimed at, but not limited to:

  • Design Engineers

  • Planners

  • Technicians 

  • Consultants

Learning Outcomes 

The following learning strategies will aim to assist attendees with the implementation of investigative processes, provide guidance for design requirements for what minima can confidently be applied and where additional capability should be provided in order to provide a safe environment to road users.

  • Lectures

  • Case studies

  • Group discussion

  • In-class activities

  • Worked examples

“All road design is a compromise between the ideal and what is a reasonable outcome eg in terms of cost, safety, driver expectation, economic drivers, environmental impacts and social issues”

(Transport Association of Canada – adopted by Queensland TMR)


Rodney Moss

Executive Civil Designer at Harrison Infrastructure Group

Rod Moss has gained wide experience in infrastructure design and municipal engineering nationally and internationally. Rodney has in depth understanding of all aspects of road and drainage design. His experience also extends to GIS/Spatial Analysis, hydraulic installations including detention basins, sewerage collector networks and treatment plants. Rod has over 40 years’ experience in multidisciplinary projects with 23 years based in South America, where he also managed his own service provider company. He has a depth of experience gained on a variety of projects throughout Australia, Brazil and Bolivia with key strengths in Project Management and team building. Rod’s recent experience includes a variety of civil engineering designs ranging from major projects to minor works programs for both public and private entities.

Rod has recently been involved in developing strategic plans for road networks in anticipation of significant growth expected due to the development of regional energy resources and associated investments. Rod has been able to mentor younger designers and managers in their professional development


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