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TEAM WORK: Recognising the Standard Drawings Working Group's Contributions.

On Tuesday we had our Standard Drawing Working Group in at IPWEA-QNT Head office. The Working Group meet regularly to review any industry feedback and suggested changes which will result in updates to the Standard Drawings from time to time. This process is intended to ensure that the Drawings remain up-to-date and relevant.

IPWEA-QNT would like to recognise and thank all of the Working Group members for their ongoing contribution to the Standard Drawings.

Some of the Standard Drawing Working Group members pictured 5 December 2023

Jesper Jensen, our Stakeholder Engagement & Business Development Manager said,

I'd like to personally thank Dean Ostrofski for being Chair of the IPWEA Queensland & Northern Territory (IPWEA-QNT) Standard Drawing Working Group for many years. Dean has decided to step down and hand over the reigns after a significant contribution to the public works sector which has seen us launch a completely updated set of Standard Drawings last week.

For More information visit here

We are also holding a Standard Drawing Workshop on 2nd Feb 2024 and if you book before 15th Dec you get a 10% discount. 

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