Enhancing the quality of life for all Queensland communities

Public Works Technical Subscription

Designed to offer councils in our sector with the tools, resources and opportunities to best serve the community.

Corporate Technical Subscription

Designed to offer consultancies and other businesses in our sector with the tools, resources and opportunities to best serve their clients.

Asset Design As Constructed

ADAC 5.0 is a strategic solution for quality data capture and management for government and utilities.

ADAC Validation Tool

The ADAC validation tool is a resource to upload and validate XML output from CAD and other systems against any version of the ADAC XSD schema.

Standard Drawings

Standard Drawings for General, Drainage, Parks, Roads, Homeowner, Water by Design.

This guide offers a risk-based approach to lower road capital improvement.

Queensland Urban Drainage Manual 

QUDM will assist engineers and stormwater designers in the planning, design and management of urban stormwater drainage systems in Queensland. 

Supervisor's Handbook

For supervisors and staff working on local government projects in the field.

Street Design Manual

This manual provides detailed practical guidance for local councils, engineers, planners, and other decision-makers involved with the planning and design of residential developments.

Temporary Traffic Management Toolkit

Supports the planning and design of safe, cost effective and efficient temporary traffic management solutions for low volume Category 1 roads

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