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Reduce the risk of failures, maximise your value for money and minimise liability by selecting and designing a sprayed seal which will suit the traffic, pavement and environmental conditions using a rational, reliable, proven approach.

This course focuses on when and where sprayed treatments can be used by introducing participants to the strengths and weaknesses of the various types of sprayed treatments commonly used including the types of surface defects that may be corrected.

Instruction is provided on the use of the current Austroads seal design method for priming, primersealing and sealing, using real world examples and interactive workshop sessions.

Engineers, supervisors, consultants and technical officers who are responsible for specifying, selecting, reviewing or designing sprayed treatments.

Level of difficulty: Advanced 

At the conclusion of this course participants should be able to:

  • describe the types of sprayed treatments used on new works and for retreatments
  • explain the functions of the various types of sprayed treatments
  • select sprayed treatments for new works and retreatments
  • design primes
  • primer seals
  • single/single
  • double/double
  • high stress seals
  • extreme stress seals
  • geotextile seals
  • polymer modified seals
  • explain the effect on seal performance due to changes in seal design inputs.




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