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RPEQ Assessment Process

IPWEAQ is an assessment entity for Civil Engineering including specific areas of expertise for this discipline. 

Apply for registration in the areas where you have the most experience and knowledge and ensure your CPD reflects your chosen areas of competence. 

We recommend a maximum three areas of competence as otherwise, it becomes difficult for you to provide sufficient evidence in your application and in the assessment interview. 

Once approved as an RPEQ, you can identify further areas of competence without the need for additional assessment, although you will need to substantiate this via your work experience and CPD if requested.

Mandatory Requirements

To prepare for your RPEQ application, please ensure you have met the mandatory assessment requirements.  If you have any queries not answered in these instructional videos, please contact us at registration@ipweaq.com

Areas of Competence

Assessment Application Process

Collate all the necessary documents - see www.ipwea-qnt.com/rpeq including:

1. Original or certified copies of all qualifications

2. Current detailed curriculum vitae including name, job title, and contact details of person/s who can corroborate your engineering        knowledge, skills and experience for each role and/or project

3. Record of all CPD undertaken

4. Statements from three professional referees who have known you a minimum of 12 months who can vouch for your experience and      application of engineering knowledge, preferably some or all are RPEQs who directly supervised you over a five year period, at              least. The period for each referee should not overlap.

5. Statement of competency in your nominated areas of competence - a maximum of three

6. Work sample from a project which shows your application of engineering knowledge and skill

7. 100 points identification

Email the documents to RPEQ Coordinator registration@ipweaq.com.

If the minimum requirements are met, you can submit the formal application and payment via www.ipwea-qnt.com/rpeq. The RPEQ Coordinator will advise if additional documents are required.

Once submitted, three assessors will be appointed who are expert in the areas of competence on your application.

An assessment interview will be arranged via video conferencing and you will receive a copy of the 11 standard interview questions 24 hours prior to your interview date and time.

If the assessors approve your application, your referees will be contacted to confirm the information provided in your application.

Your application documents and the recording of your interview will be reviewed by IPWEAQ’s RPEQ Assessment Board. Each Board member then approves or declines your application. The majority vote determines the outcome.

If approved, a Letter of Assessment is sent to you by the RPEQ Coordinator.

You then submit the Letter of Assessment to the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland to apply for RPEQ.



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