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We uphold professional Standards as an RPEQ Assessment Entity for Civil Engineering.

Engineers occupy positions of trust and responsibility within the community, industry and across government. To carry out professional engineering services in Queensland, you must be an RPEQ or under the direct supervision of an RPEQ who takes full responsibility for those services. 

As at 18 October 2021, changes to RPEQ assessment applications and CPD requirements apply. See below for details.

Criteria to apply for RPEQ:

  • 4-year Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) degree from an Australian university or           equivalent 
  • Minimum 150 CPD hours undertaken over the previous 3 year
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience as a civil engineer post-graduation with direct            supervision under a RPEQ

Submit the following with your online application:

  • Original or certified copies of all qualifications
  • Current detailed CV including contact details of person/s who can corroborate         experience
  • Record of all CPD hours undertaken
  • Statements from three professional referees who have known you a minimum of      12-months and who can vouch for your experience and application of                       knowledge
  • Statement of competency in nominated area(s)
  • Work sample
  • 100-Points Identification

We strongly encourage you to email your application documents prior to applying to

Key Documents

What is corrupt conduct under the Act?

We strongly encourage you to email your application documents prior to applying to mark.lamont@ipweaq.com

Application Fees excl GST

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CPD Required per 150 hours

CPD required per 150 CPD Hours
Non Technical
Risk Management
 1 hour
 1 hour

RPEQ Assessment Board

RPEQ Assessment Board 
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Mike Brady (Chair) 
Craig Young
Sandra Burke
Andrew Ryan
Glenda Kirk
Hari Boppudi
Lorna Oliver 
Martin Crow