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Technical Publications for Libraries and Technical Societies

Our new Publications Subscription includes the following publications with multi-user licencing for upload to your intranet. The subscription includes updated versions of each publication plus new publications when launched.

Annual Subscription  $1,500 + GST

Street Design Manual (SDM)

SDM was developed with an understanding that streets are an important connector to multi-purpose social spaces in our neighbourhoods. The Manual offers access options for active transport delivering safer neighbourhoods and a sense of community.

Queensland Urban Drainage Manual (QUDM)

QUDM addresses the technical, legal, regulatory and environmental aspects of effective drainage systems.

Lower Order Road Design Guidelines (LORDG)

The LORDG specifies minimum standards for the design and construction of lower order road assets providing practitioners with a risk-based approach to capital improvements.

Supervisor’s Handbook

This Handbook offers guidance to supervisors and works staff in preparing, organising, managing, undertaking and completing works projects. It includes methodologies with reference to legislation and regulations applicable for each task.

Engineering for Public Works

Our quarterly e-journal which includes technical articles and industry-related information.

Standard Drawings

Technical Drawings developed by experts and includes Drawings for parks, roads, drainage, water quality and general Drawings.

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