Enhancing the quality of life for all Queensland communities

2021 - Cairns Convention Centre, 13 October 2021

Hadi Nourizadeh

Axial performance of fully grouted rock bolts

Clare Ferguson

Management of repeated damage to regional unsealed roads due to flooding

Ryan Ball

Shear strength properties of sand with fines for various moisture contents

Lucinda Sterling

Alkali-silica reaction crack evaluation using artificial intelligence

2020 - Brisbane Convention Centre, 11 November 2020

Craig van Neuren

How Building Information Modelling software (BIM) is being used in the Architectural and Engineering (AE) industry and how the use of this software is impacted by the AE industries own understanding of BIM. A South East Queensland (SEQ) Perspective

Sally Williams

Influence of Water to Grout Ratio and Curing Time on Pulling out Load of Rock Bolt Systems

Martin Luna Juncal

Application of Remote Optical Sensors for Real-Time Nitrate Monitoring and Decision-Making Systems. 

2019 - Brisbane International Convention Centre, 23 October 2019

Lucy Bomardieri

Mix Design of Paste Backfill for Underground Mining 

Benjamin Chappell

Quantitative Analysis of Coal Fouling in the Stanwell Power Station Balloon Loop

Brooke Young

Design Proposal for Sustainable Futures Building at The University of Queensland

Mark Tomarchio

Improved theory for the design of high-speed roundabouts to suit heavy vehicles

2018 - Marriott Surfers Paradise, 11 October 2018

Lindsay Stafford

Controlling and Mentoring Algae Blooms in Effluent Storage Ponds

Matthew Soldatenko

Reinforced Concrete Wall Performance Under Earthquake Loading

Maddy Stahlhut

Potential for energy generation using pumped storage hydro power in the Toowoomba Water Supply

2017 - Townsville Convention Centre, 25 October 2017

Denver Pollock

Residual chlorine improvement in Woodhill water supply zone

Daniel Marais

Influence of compressibility on soil susceptibility to contact erosion

Michael Sarrun

Optimal design of multi-purpose reservoir system to meet water demands in Townsville 

Matthew Tiller

Optimization of coil pump technology for use in developing countries of the South Pacific