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Congratulations Team Negative who convinced delegates that technology will not make engineering redundant!

A highly entertaining, well structured and considered debate. Did Team Affirmative stand a chance with 430+ engineers voting?

2022 Great Debate

Do you have an idea for a topic for the Great Debate? Or would you like to join a debating team for 2022?

Contact our CEO, Leigh Cunningham.

Previous Great Debates

History of The Great Debate

The IPWEAQ Great Debate was launched at the 2016 Annual Conference in Brisbane with the topic, ‘women make better engineers than men’. This inaugural debate was highly successful and has become a key part of the annual conference, bringing the event to a close on the third day. The debate is entertaining and lighthearted while also offering an opportunity for debaters to address key, topical or divisive issues, and score a few points for their team. Delegates vote for the winning argument using the conference app.