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What are the CPD requirements to become a RPEQ?

  • To be eligible to apply for RPEQ, you are required to have completed a minimum of 150 CPD hours in the three years prior to your application

How long does it take to become a RPEQ?

  • The application process can take between 6-8 weeks in total once all the correct paperwork has been received

Once I become a RPEQ, am I required to keep up my CPD?

  • Continued Professional Development (CPD) is an integral part of being a RPEQ. To retain RPEQ registration, you are required to complete 150 hours of CPD every three years

I have an International qualification; am I still eligible to become a RPEQ?

  • A qualification gained outside of Australia that is recognised under the Washington Accord for recognition as a professional engineer is acceptable. For qualifications from countries that are not a signatory of the Washington Accord, a qualification assessment is required to be carried out.

How many years do I have to have worked under a RPEQ before I can apply?

  • A minimum of five years post-graduation experience working as an engineer and carrying out professional engineering services under the direct supervision of an RPEQ is required before you are eligible to apply
What is direct supervision?
  • To establish direct supervision, the following must be shown to exist and supported by evidence that meets each requirement.             a. The supervision must be direct and the supervising RPEQ must have knowledge of the project.                                                           b. The supervising RPEQ must direct the person in carrying out the service.                                                                                             c. The supervising RPEQ must oversee the carrying out of the service.                                                                                                     d. The supervising RPEQ must evaluate the carrying out of the service.                                                                                                   e. The supervising RPEQ must take full professional responsibility for the service

How do I log my CPD hours?

How many hours of CPD do I need to complete in each area?

  • Each area has different requirements for completed hours of CPD. You can access the CPD guidelines here

Are my references required to be a RPEQ?

  • A minimum of five years engineering experience directly supervised by a RPEQ is required for your application. Evidence of this work experience is shown by way of referees who are asked to complete a statement verifying your ability and experience

How much does it cost to lodge my application?

  • For IPWEAQ members, the fee to apply for RPEQ is $400 + GST

Is there an ongoing fee I need to pay?

  • There is no ongoing fee payable to IPWEAQ. Once registered with BPEQ, there is an annual fee required to maintain registration

Am I required to be a member of IPWEAQ to be assessed for RPEQ?

  • You are not required to be a member of IPWEAQ for us to assess your application for RPEQ. The fee to apply for RPEQ for non-members is $700 + GST

Does the application process involve an interview?

  • Yes. Each application must undergo an interview process by way of a three-person panel. Each of our assessors are RPEQ qualified

What qualification do I need to be eligible for RPEQ?

  • The minimum requirement for eligibility for RPEQ is a four-year undergraduate degree in engineering (or equivalent) from a recognised tertiary institute

Can I be assessed by IPWEAQ if I am not a Civil Engineer?

  • IPWEAQ is an assessment entity for Civil Engineering only

Where can I find information on courses to boost my CPD?

  • You can find out more information on available courses through the IPWEAQ website. www.ipweaq.com/courses

I am a RPEQ for Mechanical Engineering. Can I be registered in more than one area of engineering? E.g., Civil Engineering

  • You can be registered in as many areas of engineering as you like. For each area, you will need to undertake assessment of your qualifications and competencies. Your total CPD obligations remain at 150 hours per three-year period regardless of the number of areas you are registered in. Your CPD must be balanced to maintain your competency in all areas in which you are registered.