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Treatment of Crash Locations


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2 days

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$1,500 + GST

$1,800 + GST



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The treatment of crash locations involves the application of road safety engineering knowledge and experience to make roads safer after crashes occur.

This program will explain the step-by-step process of how to: identify crash locations; diagnose the crash problem and its causes; select a countermeasure which targets the problem; and design a safe remedial treatment and establish its cost-effectiveness. The workshop acknowledges and follows the current Road Safety paradigm, the Safe System approach. Based on the 2nd Edition of the Guide to Road Safety Part 8: Treatment of Crash Locations, this workshop will incorporate the results of crash data analysis and other resource material for the relevant jurisdiction.


Participants are required to bring a copy of the Austroads Guide to Road Safety Part 8: Treatment of Crash Locations.

  • Reactive, proactive and predictive components within a road safety strategy

  • Providing a Safe System

  • Road safety engineering

  • Human factors

  • Police investigation

  • Identifying crash locations

  • Diagnosing the crash problem at the site

  • Selecting an effective solution

  • Crash costs

  • Economic appraisal

  • Monitoring and evaluations

Who should attend?

The workshop is primarily aimed at, but not limited to:

  • Traffic and road safety engineers

  • Road safety practitioners

  • Road design consultants; traffic consultants

  • Engineers requiring specialist training in crash investigation and treatment

  • Local government engineers and road safety officers

  • State Road Authority engineers who deal with black spot investigations

  • Engineers looking to develop specialist skills for career development

  • Police involved in crash investigations


Day 1 will focus on:

  • Current trends, patterns and challenges in road safety

  • Overview: Road safety engineering and crash investigation

  • Components of the traffic system

  • Steps in the crash location treatment process

  • Sourcing and understanding crash data

  • Identifying crash locations

  • Diagnosing the crash problems at a site

  • Diagnosing the crash problems

  • Converting a crash problem into a solution

  • countermeasure principles Solutions and percentage effectiveness

Day 2 will focus on:

  • Converting the crash problem into a solution

  • Selecting an effective solution, including available tools and guidance

  • Is a yearly increase in crashes significant?

  • Writing the crash location report

  • Crash costs

  • Undertake a case study economic appraisal

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Putting it all together


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