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Negotiation Skills

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An introduction to negotiation skills for setting up contracts or dealing with contractual disputes

Everyone negotiates! This introductory course introduces attendees to some basic theory and best practice negotiation, and is primarily focussed on the well-known Harvard model of negotiation.

IPWEA-QNT in conjunction with Legaleze Training, is offering an introductory level negotiation course for those involved in contracts negotiation or the negotiation of disputes. Attendees will build a knowledge of the theory of good negotiation, gain an insight into their own style and learn the common pitfalls of poor negotiators as well as the key skills of great negotiators. This course is a life skill as well as a workplace skill.



This short 3.5 hour course will introduce participants to the following:

  • Why is “innate” negotiation floored?

  • What style of negotiator are you?

  • “Flexing” negotiation styles

  • The Harvard Negotiation Model and key principles

  • Process v Content

  • Distinguishing “Values” from “Positions”

  • The skills of good negotiators

  • What lets negotiation down

  • An alternative model – Voss and “Never Split the Difference”

  • The common ground

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in negotiation!


This will assist anyone interested in negotiation to build their skills.



Sean McCarthy Sean is the Director of Legaleze and Legaleze Training which is both a legal practice and dedicated contract training company. He has been practicing construction and commercial law for many years working for both Government and the private sector. His primary focus is on “front end” construction law assisting clients reviewing, negotiating and drafting contracts. He is also involved with many clients assisting with day to day contract management around claims and disputes. As well as his passion for the law, he is a passionate educator having been training on contracts, contract management and associated areas since 2010.

Marg Andre Marg Andres is both a qualified lawyer and qualified adult education specialist. She has worked with Sean McCarthy in Legaleze and Legaleze Training since 2016 particularly focussing on matters in formal dispute, their early resolution and teaching at all levels of the building and construction industry. Marg brings an enthusiastic and participative approach to training.


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