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Introduction to Contracts and Contracting


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This one hour lecture delivery will look at the purposes and objectives of all Security of Payment Legislation and explain why a knowledge of the Act and its intricate timings is crucial.

IPWEA-QNT in conjunction with Legaleze Training, is offering a brief introduction to this key legislation designed to assist contractors and subcontractors seeking to enforce timely payment under construction contracts. As either a recipient or claimant, all parties must understand how claims and responses are structured and the vital importance of claiming and responding on time. The various Legislation has been described as “pay now, argue later” legislation and is both a sword and a shield!


This 1 hour lecture will cover:

  • Why the Legislation came about

  • The breadth of coverage under the Act

  • Making compliant Payment Claims

  • Issuing enforceable Payment Schedules (and reasoning)

  • Updates to the Qld Act

  • Differing security of payment models (East v West Coast)

  • Current case law

This will assist anybody dealing with payment issues in contracts to deal with them appropriately and promptly.

Who should attend?

Anyone associated (as claimant or respondent) with contractual payments or claims, including (but not limited to):

  • Finance and administration staff

  • Project administrators or managers

  • Superintendents



Sean McCarthy

Sean is the Director of Legaleze and Legaleze Training which is both a legal practice and dedicated contract training company. He has been practicing construction and commercial law for many years working for both Government and the private sector. His primary focus is on “front end” construction law assisting clients reviewing, negotiating and drafting contracts. He is also involved with many clients assisting with day to day contract management around claims and disputes. As well as his passion for the law, he is a passionate educator having been training on contracts, contract management and associated areas since 2010.

Marg Andre

Marg Andres is both a qualified lawyer and qualified adult education specialist. She has worked with Sean McCarthy in Legaleze and Legaleze Training since 2016 particularly focussing on matters in formal dispute, their early resolution and teaching at all levels of the building and construction industry. Marg brings an enthusiastic and participative approach to training.


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