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Asphalt pavements are a pavement and surfacing alternative for the changing environments and increasing demands on the road pavement. These increasing demands requires all aspects of the asphalt construction to be addressed to ensure the expected design life is achieved.

There are a number of factors that impact the life of the asphalt, including the choice of treatment, quality of materials, operational aspects of construction, as well as traffic number, types of vehicle movements and vehicle types.

Acknowledging the importance of asphalt surfacing’s for the Australian road network, IPWEAQ in conjunction with a practical expert in the area of asphalt construction and failure review, is offering a one-day workshop to provide support for the practitioners and decision makers for the application of new asphalt and review of failed treatments.

This one-day workshop on asphalt will provide a practical overview of the following:

  • current types of asphalt mixes,
  • asphalt components,
  • mix designs,
  • planning and preparation for asphalt paving,
  • tack coating,
  • transport of asphalt,
  • paver performance and screed operations,
  • spreading operations,
  • compaction,
  • and finished pavement properties.

This will assist designers, asset managers and practitioners in the placement of asphalt and provide participants with an understanding of the factors that may lead to application failures. The course will also assist in the formulation of yearly asphalt resurfacing programs and the diagnosis of failures. Content can be tailored to meet local needs.

  • Lectures
  • Case studies
  • Group discussion
  • In-class activities and exercises

This workshop is primarily aimed at staff involved in the areas of road planning, design, construction and maintenance of roads including, but not limited to:

  • Asset Managers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Designers
  • Road Inspectors
  • Technical Officers
  • Types of asphalt mixes
  • Overview of the current asphalt laying practices
  • Paver performance and screed operations
  • Understanding risks – review of recent asphalt works
  • Common causes in asphalt failures
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21 February 2023

Online via Zoom
L1/6 Eagleview Pl, Eagle Farm Q 4009

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